Our goal is to offer practical and beneficial solutions, dependent on your needs and circumstances. The world of disability can be complex, and we are adept at navigating you through through it. A sample of the services we offer are below; get in touch to discuss your specific needs.

Training, Consultancy & Events

Very Conscious Disability training

We're being cheeky. It's just we'd rather work with your conscious mind. We help organisations seeking a solid and pratical foundation in understanding disability, relevant to them. We can deliver knowledge to build your confidence and capacity. Such a grounding can be a spring board for pragmatic actions to come. Topics include defining disability, key statistics and their relevance, legal duties and the Equality Act, removing barriers i.e. the models of disability. We aim to remove the mystery, the hesitancy or concern, via effective language and communications. 

Bespoke Training

The topic is disability, the focus is yours. It might be Managing Mental Health in the work place, Improving Recruitment and Retention, Diversity, Inclusion & Equity team development, Best Customer Service, Understanding Workplace and Reasonable Adjustments, Equality Act and disability, Performance and Attendance management, (including how to have the difficult conversation). 

Strategy - Closing the Gap

Maybe you want to plan for the next five years and ensure changes your organisation makes really have an impact and they last after you've moved on. We like this stuff! Such a project will include training and events but it goes further to include getting senior buy-in, analysis, policy design, process review, targets and measurement, intranet and internet information, specific programmes and management development and support for staff who are disabled. Your success criteria is for you to decide, what we like is seeing the engagement scores of staff with a disability, long term health condition or mental health difficulties, match those of everyone in the organisation. 


We offer several options, plus we're creative and like coming up with new ideas based on your needs and aims. If you're not sure of your aims and needs, we're good at talking with you so you can work out what they are..

Simon is a fluent and engaging communicator and can speak for ten minutes or an hour on a dimension of disability relevant to you. Past topics have included encouraging colleagues to share (declaring) their condition, the benefits of staff networks, representation in the media, comedy and disability, telling your story, disability 101. 

We can design and deliver interactive theatre training for your managers or front line staff. Our actors, all of whom will have the same disability as in the scene, will play out scenes and discuss elements with the audience. It's dramatic and lively form of learning.

With our sister company, Abnormally Funny People  we can offer a truly different event. Our comedians are hugely experienced, working both the comedy circuit and knowing a corporate audience. We've delivered comedy events for law firms, tech companies and public sector organisations. We build in time for a conversation too. These can be in person or remote. 

Dining with a Difference

For senior staff and leaders in your organisation who don't usually attend training! More information from our sister company Dining with a Difference  or direct with us.

Personal Development Courses 

Targeted specifically for staff with a disability, the course is aimed at developing your staff who may have a disability or long term health condition. It is often a transformational experience for the attendees and ultimately the organisation they work for. And to let you in to a secret, it's one of our favourite courses to deliver - seeing people sharing, devleoping, growing in confidence especially in relation to their condition is hugely rewarding. 

Media, Television and the Arts

Simon has specialised in working with programme makers such as Endemol, Warner Bros,  All3Media, Wall to Wall and the BBC  in terms of on screen portrayal, finding talent and employment. It's been a personal topic since he was a child and would only see embarrasing depictions of people like himself on TV. His aim was to have a short person like him, on a soap opera and have all sorts of story lines. It did happen in 2014. Do you remember the character?

Hosting & Chairing

Simon has vast experience hosting conferences both nationally and internationally. He can host and chair events (in person and virtually). 

Simon Minty speaking

Simon in full flow at the Names Not Numbers conference in Oxford. 

The comediand and actors from Abnormally Funny People, who performed for the virtual Southbank Centre show, part of the Unlimited Festival. A epic two hour extravaganza and over 350 people attended. 

Simon on BBC News discussing tomorrow's newspaper headlines, The Papers.   


A brief selection of Sminty Ltd's past and present clientele. 

  • Barclays
  • Home Office
  • BBC
  • JP Morgan
  • British Council
  • Lloyds Banking Group
  • The Royal Household
  • Motability Operations
  • Endemol Shine Group
  • Network Rail
  • Thomson Reuters
  • Habinteg Housing
  • HSBC
Minty & Friend in 2006
Minty & Friend in 2006
Simon at speaking engagement in Qatar
Simon at speaking engagement in Qatar
Client Conference
Client Conference
Simon chairing a conference at Fujitsu in Manchester, UK
Simon chairing a conference at Fujitsu in Manchester, UK
Acting on Disability Team
Acting on Disability Team
With colleagues in Egypt for the British Council
With colleagues in Egypt for the British Council